Fly Season’s Coming – We Have Fly Control Products

fly control products at sunset feed miamiIf the buzzing sound annoys you, think of what hundreds of them do to your horses!

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  • Farnam Fly Masks, Shires Fly Masks, Guardsman Flymasks
  • Pyranha Wipe n’ Spray
  • Triple J Citronella Oil
  • E3 Fly & Insect Repellent
  • Absorbine UltraShield EX Insecticide & Fly Repellent Spray
  • Absorbine Flys-X
  • Bronco Equine Fly Spray
  • Farnam Repel-X Emulsifiable Fly Spray
  • Farnam Repel-X Lotion
  • Farnam Wipe II Fly Spray with Citronella
  • Farnam Swat Fly Repellent Ointment
  • Farnam Roll On Fly Repellent
  • Revenge Horse & Stable Fly Spray
  • Gordon’s Horse & Pony Spray
  • Country Vet Automatic Mosquito and Fly Spray
  • Tempo SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate
  • Golden Malrin Fly Bait with Muscamone Fly Attractant
  • Catchmaster Scented Fly Catcher
  • Quickstrike Fly Abatement Strip
  • QuickBayt Fly Bait
  • Starbar FlyRelief Disposable Fly Trap
  • Starbar EZ Trap
  • Starbar Trap’n Toss Disposable Fly Trap
  • Starbar Fly Stik Sticky Fly Trap
  • Bonide Fly Beater
  • Bonide Mosquito Beater