Payment Method on File

credit-card-on-fileFor customers who would like to place orders over the phone, or have standing orders, you can place your credit card on file with us.*

You can do this any time while in the store, or you can do it online.

To submit your information online, you’ll need to download and print the Credit Card Authorization Form, complete and sign it, and upload a picture/scan of it along with pictures/scan of the front and back of your signed credit card, and a picture/scan of your signed photo identification card – usually your Drivers License.

This can be done through our Secure Upload App on a PC or Mobile Device such as a smartphone or tablet. The Mobile Device method is easiest as you can take pictures of all documents as you upload them. On a PC, you will have to scan all documents and save them to the PC to attach & upload through the Online App below.

*For your convenience, if you would like to place your order online, please visit our Online Shopping Cart @ We are adding more of our inventory to the online shopping cart daily. If there is a product in the store that you don’t find online, please contact us to add it. We will try and have it added within 24 hours.


Secure Upload App