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Kerrits Riding Performance Apparel @ Sunset Feed Miami

We believe the right performance apparel should enhance your riding experience. Since 1991 Kerrits has been dedicated to manufacturing innovative apparel, designed and tested by riders, fashioned to meet the demands of women and kids who ride and love horses.


  • Ice Fil Tech Tight
  • Ice Fil Boot Cut
  • Ice Fil Long Sleeve
  • Flow Rise Performance Tight
  • Crossover Breech


  • Ice Fil Teen Tight
  • Ice Fil Boot Cut Tight
  • Performance Tight

*All-Season colors shown. Click the Live Chat button or give us a call for a list of seasonal colors in stock.

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  • Tipperary Contour Air Mesh Back Protector Youth

Tipperary Competitor Vest @ Sunset Feed Miami Tipperary Contender Vest Youth @ Sunset Feed Miami Tipperary Contour Air Mesh Back Protector Youth @ Sunset Feed Miami