Bravo! Frozen Raw Diets for Dogs


Every dog is different

When selecting a daily diet for your furry friend, please keep in mind that all dogs aren’t created the same. A “one size fits all” product might not be right for your pet’s particular nutritional needs. That’s why Bravo provides one of the widest selections of fresh frozen raw diets in the business. While our formulas are designed to serve the needs of different dogs, they share some important advantages…meat, poultry or seafood is always the #1 ingredient in all of our formulas.

Our poultry is NAE (No antibiotics EVER), fed a vegetarian diet, given open pasture access, And is certified humanely raised. We use Grass fed New Zealand lamb and venison, which is also grass-fed and raised in open pastures. None of our products contain added hormones, flavors or preservatives.

They are all natural, grain and gluten free and USA Made in our plant.

That is how we are making healthy happen.

Introduce your dog to Bravo Blends
A four part, limited ingredient formula. Add supplements of your choice to meet your pet’s nutrition needs

Bravo Blends raw diet for dogs offers pet parents the convenience of a carefully selected blend of pure, premium grade raw poultry, meat, organs, ground bones and vegetables. Our Blends are available in economical chubs and convenient individually wrapped burgers in various protein types and sizes.

Please note that these four-part limited ingredient formulas are for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. You should consider adding your choice of supplements for a complete and balanced canine diet.

Bravo Blends raw diet for dogs @ Sunset Feed Miami

Bravo Blends Raw Diet for Dogs


Discover Bravo Balance® Raw Diet
Complete and balanced dinners containing essential nutrients your dog needs

Feeding your dog a raw dinner has never been healthier or easier! Available in economical chubs and convenient individually wrapped burgers in various protein types and sizes, Bravo Balance raw diet meets the AAFCO standard for complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.

Formulated with meat, bones, organs and garden vegetables plus essential vitamins and minerals, these recipes offer everything a dog needs for a long, healthy life.

Bravo Balance raw diet for dogs @ Sunset Feed Miami

Bravo Balance Raw Diet for Dogs


Bravo! Frozen Raw Diet Dog Food @ Sunset Feed Miami

Why feed a raw food diet?

More and more animal health and training professionals are advocating a second look at what we feed our dogs and cats, and caring pet parents are taking notice.

There is emerging evidence that dogs and cats are healthier when fed a raw, natural diet, because that’s what their ancestors craved and thrived on. Dogs and cats are essentially carnivores. In the wild, their perfect meal would consist of fresh, raw meat, some uncooked bones, some raw organ meats and green vegetation.

There is also a growing belief that commercial pet foods cannot supply all the nutrients dogs and cats need to thrive. Pet parents tell us that switching their dog or cat with a health issue to a raw diet has helped improve their conditions. Those with healthy pets feel that feeding raw food has helped them avoid some of the illnesses that are becoming common in our companion animals.

Regardless of the starting point for your pet, a high quality raw diet can help promote a long and healthy life. For the full story, you’re invited to read Beginnings, an informative booklet available exclusively from Bravo. To download a free copy, click here.