Summer time in South Florida means the kids are out of school, spending weekends at the pool, outdoor picnics, camping and vacations.


The one thing they all have in common:

At Sunset Feed, we’ve got you covered with every type of outdoor cooking appliance you’ll ever need

We’ve got Kamado Style Ceramic Grills!
Ever heard of the Big Green Egg?
We’ve got’em!

The Big Green Egg is an all around cooking machine! You can grill, bake, roast, and smoke all your favorite outdoor foods.

And with all the Eggcessories available, you’ll start cooking your indoor foods on your Egg too!


Big Green Egg Lineup

Want that authentic wood flavor with the simplicity of pushing a button?

We’ve got that with our Green Mountain Grills Pellet Grills.

Pellet Grills use compressed wood with all the woodsy flavor lignans squeezed into tiny pellets. Pellet grilling gives you all that woody smoked flavor within minutes of pressing a button.


Grilling meets Tech

And to make those long cooks and smokes a breeze, you can download the mobile app and custom program your cooking times and temps, and keep an eye on meat temps all from your mobile device!

Did you say Pizza?

Yes we did! Your backyard BBQ is also a wood-fired Pizza Oven with the optional Pizza Oven Attachment. Just insert it over the fire box, toss up some dough, sauce and fixins, and you’ve got a backyard wood-fired pizza!

Green Mountain Grills Lineup

Want the immediacy of cooking with propane or gas, and still use charcoal or wood when you get the hankerin?

Of course we’ve got ya covered!

Napoleon Gourmet Grills @ Sunset Feed Miami

Our line of Napoleon Gourmet Grills lets you fire up in no time when you’ve got, well, no time.

These heavy duty stainless steel grills have a multitude of exclusive features like instant jetfire ignition, infrared rotisserie, rotisserie basket, and 2 stage side burners with infrared for quick searing.


And when you’re ready for that authentic charcoal and wood flavor, there are options to infuse that outdoor cooking goodness on the same grill.


For On-The-Go grilling, we’ve got you with the TravelQ series with their scissor style foldable cart ready to be wheeled wherever you go. And check out the electric model for indoor or outdoor use.


And if you’re a DIY’r building your own backyard BBQ oasis, the Prestige Pro models also come as built-in grill heads for your custom built grilling island.

Napoleon Gas Grills Lineup

We’ve got all the fuel and flavor you’ll need to keep everybody happy.

Lump Charcoal
Wood Flavor Chips
Wood Planks
Wood Flavored Pellets
BBQ Sauces
BBQ Rubs

And every grilling accessory you need to make your….

summertime, and grilling is easy. Catfish are jumping, right into the fry @ sunset feed miami

Come in to Sunset Feed today and make Summer Time - Grilling Time!



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