What’s New?

What’s New @ Sunset Feed?


Purina Layena 10lb Pre Packs

Purina-Layena-Poultry-Feed-10lb-PrePacks @ Sunset Feed Miami

Purina Layena Layer Crumbles, Layer Pellets, Free Range Layer Pellets & Omega Layer Pellets

Purina Farm to Flock Hen Treats

Purina-Farm-to-Flock-Hen-Treats @ Sunset Feed Miami

Purina Farm to Flock Wholesome Hen Treats & High Protein Hen Treats


Rocking Horses

rocking-horse-brown @ sunset feed miami rocking-horse-pink @ sunset feed miami


Bird Cages



Doggie Bag Cafe Treats in a Jar



Just arrived…Stop by and check it out!

Kuda’s Reiner saddle features a padded, comfortable seat that is designed to help push the rider into proper riding position as well as absorb some of the impacts of the horse’s gaits.

Designed for the greater comfort of the rider and the horse.

This saddle is perfect to absorb the impact produced by the different disciplines you want to perform, our sport-specific saddle is built to put the rider in a close-contact seat accommodating highly athletic performance patterns, spins, and slide stops.

The skirts of our newest saddle are sculpted with a combination of traditional style and feature a cutout up under fenders, allowing advanced communication between horse and rider

Its rounded corners stay out of the way of the horse’s hips. No more sore-backed horses!



Kuda Paso Fino tack has just arrived! Check out our new selection of Paso Fino bits, bridles, saddles, nose bands, reins and halters today!
















Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket

Thundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket @ Sunset Feed MiamiThundershirt Sport Dog Anxiety Jacket @ Sunset Feed Miami


Oxbow Enriched Life Small Animal Habitat

oxbow-enriched-life-habitat-with-play-yard @ sunset feed miami


Red Door Hen House Chicken Coop

red door hen house chicken coop @ sunset feed miami


NEW Big Green Egg 49″ Custom Cooking Island

49inch-custom-cooking-island-open @ sunset feed miami


Doggie Bag Cafe Birthday Cakes & Treats

doggie bag cafe birthday and pizza treats @ sunset feed miamidoggie-bag-cafe-birthday-cake @ sunset feed miami


The Honest Kitchen Dog Food



New Country Organics Poultry Feed

New Country Organics Poultry Feed @ Sunset Feed Miami New Country Organics Poultry Feed @ Sunset Feed Miami


Big Dutch Barn Chicken Coop w/ Pen

big-dutch-barn-chicken-coop @ sunset feed miami


Excel Equine Horse Feed

Excel Equine Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed Miami


Bullhide Hats

Need a new spring look for barns, beaches, & more. Come on in and have our staff size you for the right hat!



Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Dog & Cat Food

nulo-dog-food @ sunset feed miami



Treat Ringer Mental Stimulation Toys

Starmark Training & Behavior Solutions @ Sunset Feed Miami

starmark horse shoe treat ringer @ sunset feed miami starmark bone treat ringer @ sunset feed miami starmark light bulb treat ringer @ sunset feed miami starmark orb treat ringer @ sunset feed miami

Starmark Treat Ringer Mental Stimulation toys help keep pets mentally engaged and help prevent destructive boredom behaviors. These items can be used with Starmark Treats, or with portions from your dog’s regular meal to turn mealtime into playtime.


Green Coast Pet Treats

Green Coast Pet Products @ Sunset Feed Miami
applesauce for dogs @ sunset feed miami pawnut butter @ sunset feed miami

  • Applesauce Treat for Dogs are a great source of important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber
  • Pawnut Butter is an all-natural peanut butter treat made specifically for dogs


Purina Home Grown Chicken Feeds



Big Green Egg Modular Nest System

Big-Green-Egg-Modular-Nest-System @ Sunset Feed Miami


Catit Design Home 2-in-1 Cat Diners

catit-home-2-in-1-diner @ Sunset Feed Miami catit-home-low height 2-in-1-diner @ Sunset Feed Miami catit-home-single-diner @ Sunset Feed Miami


New Western Boot Styles

Ariat & Cuadra / Caiman / Python / Ostrich

ariat-&-cuadra-boots @ sunset feed miami


Virbac PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs

preventic-tick-collars @ sunset feed miami

Solid Gold Green Cow™ Green Beef Tripe Recipe
Holistic Food for Picky Eaters

solid-gold-green-cow-holistic-dog-food @ sunset feed miamisolid-gold-green-cow-holistic-dog-food-3.5 @ sunset feed miami


Morton® Salt

morton-pure-&-natural-water-softener-salt @ sunset feed miamimorton-fine-solar-agricultral mixing salt @ sunset feed miami


Triple Crown Horse Feed

Triple Crown Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed Miami