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Excel Equine combines art and science to formulate and produce premium feed blends that promote good health, are safe and that horses enjoy eating.

Excel Equine only make feeds for horses in a medication-free manufacturing facility, a key to the health and safety of horses, which can be adversely affected when medications used in other animal feeds are introduced into horse feeds by accidental cross contamination during the production process.

Horses’ nutritional requirements change throughout their lives. Excel Equine’s feed lines offer a variety of premium blends that meet the needs of horses at all stages of life and at all levels of activity – from the two-year-old Thoroughbred in training and the Saddlebred in the show ring to the aging pleasure horse in the pasture.

Excel Equine Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed Miami

Buy Excel Equine Senior HF Complete Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed MiamiExcel Equine Senior HF Horse Feed

Senior HF is a special needs textured feed that is designed for horses that are geriatric or horses that need a source of safe palatable calories. It is composed of safe, digestible fiber sources. Senior HF works very well for those senior horses that are still competing or those mature horses that need a source of safe calories while they try to put weight back on.

Buy Excel Equine Senior Plus Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed MiamiExcel Equine Senior Plus Horse Feed

The ideal feed to help your thin horse that struggles to maintain body weight. High in fat and fiber and in pelleted form to ease consumption. This pelleted feed is ideal for senior horses that need high fat and fiber content to maintain their weight. If your senior horse is a hard keeper, Senior Plus is an excellent choice. It has low added molasses and is only 10% starch, a good option for horses that are insulin-resistant.

Buy Excel Equine Stability14 Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed MiamiExcel Equine Stability 14 Horse Feed

Available in both pellets and pasture cubes this feed is suitable for any life stage. This pelleted feed is highly versatile and suitable for horses that are at different stages in life. Due to its high protein and fiber content, Stability® is ideal for any equine athlete. This feed stores well in bulk and does not freeze in cold weather. It is also available in a pasture cube form.

Buy Excel Equine Stability14 Horse Feed @ Sunset Feed MiamiExcel Equine Stability 12 Horse Feed

Economically priced pelleted feed for working horses.

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