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GMG Wifi – Smart Phone App

Bring your Green Mountain Grill into the 21st century with the Green Mountain Grill Management App

Cooking on a Green Mountain Grills Wifi enabled grill with Smart Phone App means you can now create grill profiles, monitor meat temps, set timers and alarms, and adjust grill temps from inside your home.


You don’t have to keep opening the grill and sticking a meat thermometer in to check the meat temperature, just look at your smart phone!  Better yet, you can program your grill to shut off or reduce or increase temperature based on a preset meat temperature.  You have complete control right from your smart phone.

Watch the video below to learn more of what you can do when Grilling with Wifi!

This app utilizes WiFi technology and has a range of up to 40 meters in point to point mode. However, you can also connect the grill to your home Wifi network and enjoy increased range and convenience!  Find out how in the video below.

Get the Green Mountain Grills – Grill Management App* in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store here: iOS or Android

The complete Wifi App User Manual, including grill update instructions can be found here.

*Note: Requires updated WIFI controller for use with grills built before 8/1/14


Green Mountain GrillsPellet Fuel & Flavor | Wifi Smart Phone App