BGE Grill Packages

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Save 10% – 22% when you purchase one of our Big Green Egg Grill Packages.

We’ve bundled the most common Eggcessories with the Big Green Egg’s to save you money when purchased together.

Stop by to see all the Big Green Egg Packages along with all the EGGcessories we carry, including sauces and rubs, and flavor and smoking enhancers such as wood chips and planks.

You’ll leave a happy griller with extra $dough$ in your pocket!

Mini Max Package – Mini Max Egg with Nest Carrier, Mini Max ConvEGGtor, 10lb Lump Charcoal

Medium Egg Package – Medium Egg, Medium Nest, EGGmate, ConvEGGtor

Large Egg Package – Large Egg, Large Nest, EGGmate, ConvEGGtor

Large Egg in Challenger Cart Package – Large Egg, 48″ Challenger Spark Cart w/bottom shelf, ConvEGGtor

Large Egg in Table Package – Large Egg, Solid Teak Table, Table Nest, ConvEGGtor

XLarge Egg Package – XLarge Egg, XLarge Nest, XLarge Nest Handler, EGGmate, ConvEGGtorxlarge-big-green-egg-package-at-sunset-feed-miami

XLarge Egg in Torch 54″ Cart Package – XLarge Egg, Torch 54″ Cart, XL ConvEGGtor

XXLarge Egg Package – XXLarge Egg, XXLarge Nest, XXLarge Nest Handler, EGGmate, ConvEGGtor

Big Green Egg Starter Kits

Includes: Grill Gripper, Fire Starter, Ash Tool, 20lb Lump Charcoal

Big Green EggEGGcessories | Charcoal & Flavor | Nests, Tables & Covers | BGE Packages | Demo’s

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