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MannaPro Organic Layer Pellets – Non-GMO
MannaPro Organic Starter Crumble – Non-GMO
Manna Pro Organic Non-GMO Grower Crumbles – Non-GMO

Purina Organic Scratch Grains – Non-GMO
Purina Organic Layer Pellets – Non-GMO
Purina Organic Layer Crumbles – Non-GMO


Whole Corn
Central States

Cracked Corn
Central States

Central States & Purina

Rooster Corn (Nubbin) (Gallofino)

Showtime Rooster Conditioner

Purina Start & Grow – medicated 18%
Starter Crumbles for chicks

Purina Home Grown Start & Grow – non medicated 20%
Starter Crumbles for chicks and ducklings

Purina Game Bird Startena 30%
Starter Crumbles for quail, or for rapid growth for chicks and ducklings

Purina Layena Crumble 16%

Purina Layena Pellet 16%

Purina Layena Plus Omega 3 Pellet

Purina Flock Raiser Crumble 20%

Purina Premium Poultry Feed Duck Feed Pellets

Purina Flock Block

Manna Pro Omega Egg Maker

Manna Pro Medicated Chick Starter

Manna Pro Chick Starter Non‑Medicated

Manna Pro 16% Layer Crumbles with ProBiotics

Manna Pro 16% All Flock Crumbles with Probiotic

Manna Pro 16% Layer Pellets with ProBiotics

Manna Pro 22% Meatbird Starter Crumbles with Probiotics

Manna Pro 7-Grain Ultimate Scratch with Purple Corn

Manna Pro Heritage Cracked Corn with Purple Corn

Manna Pro Poultry Conditioner

Manna Pro Poultry Grit with ProBiotics

Manna Pro Gamebird / Showbird Crumbles


Kaytee Mealworms Wild Bird Feed & Chicken Treat
Kaytee Mealworm & Oat Poultry Supplement

Durvet Fancy Flock Mealworm & Shrimp Medley
Durvet Fancy Flock Mealworm & Cricket Medley

Milo (Sm round seed for Quail)

Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance – shop.sunsetfeed.com



Feed | Hay | Horse | Exotic | Livestock | Poultry | Small Animal