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Hey… Don’t let your haystacks run dry!hay-at-sunset-feed-miami

Hay at Sunset Feed Miami

Have us deliver fresh, high quality hay
on your schedule.

Whether you’re looking for bales, cubes, pellets or blends, you can stop by, call us directly, or Buy Online for Local Delivery or In-Store Pickup.

Either way, you can be assured to receive the freshest quality hay, and the best customer service and flexible delivery scheduling.

We’ve been doing Hay for over 55 years!

Let Us Take Care of Your Feed Needs!

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Hay Bales for Horses, Feed, Litter & Bedding

Coastal Bermuda Grass Bales
Timothy Hay Bales
Orchard Grass Bales
Alfalfa Bales

Hay Blends

T&A – Timothy & Alfalfa Bales
O&A – Orchard Grass & Alfalfa Bales
TOA – Timothy, Orchard Grass & Alfalfa Bales

Compressed Hay

Compressed Timothy Hay Bales
Compressed Alfalfa Hay Bales
Compressed T & A (Timothy & Alfalfa) Hay Bales
Compressed O & A (Orchard Grass & Alfalfa) Hay Bales

Our Compressed Hay Bales are regular size bales that have been compressed and re-baled down to half of their size, eliminating all of the air. This double compression procedure keeps the hay fresher for longer periods and holds the leaf and robust aroma of hays. And you can transport twice the amount in the same amount of space.

Compressed bale size is approximately:

  • 40lb – 19″Wx16″Dx9″H
  • 80lb – 21″Wx16″Dx19″H

Hay Cubes & Mini Cubes @ Sunset Feed MiamiHay Cubes & Pellets
Stampede Alfalfa Cubes
Summit Alfalfa Cubes
Stampede Alfalfa Mini Cubes
Summit Sun Cured Alfalfa Pellets
Stampede Timothy Grass Hay Pellets
Stampede T & A Cubes
Stampede T & A Mini Cubes

Bags of Hay
Bags of Hay @ Sunset Feed Miami

Perfect sizes for small animal feed and bedding.

  • Timothy
  • Alfalfa
  • Timothy & Alfalfa
  • Orchard Grass & Alfalfa (seasonal)
  • Straw







Seasonal – Decorative
Late September thru early December – call

Wheat Straw – Decorative non-edible – shop.sunsetfeed.com

Corn Stalks (decorative) – shop.sunsetfeed.com

Free Local Delivery @ Sunset Feed Miami

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