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Does your pet have…

  • digestive problems such as constipation, gas, loose stools or diarrhea?
  • hip & Joint problems such as stiffness, limping or decreased activity?
  • skin & coat problems such as allergies, hot spots, dandruff or dull coat?
  • stress & anxiety issues such as separation anxiety, vet visit anxiety, or thunderstorm/noise anxiety?
  • cat health issues such as poor digestion, poor immunity, hairballs or skin issues?

Vital Planet offers Natural and Nutritional Supplementation products to help improve your pet’s health issues. By supplying the highest quality supplements, purity tested raw ingredients and the potency your pet needs, Vital Planets line of Natural Pet Products has what you need.

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FLORA DOG™ & FLORA CAT™ contain high potency, raw probiotics with 20 billion live cultures and 10 unique strains to help maintain immunity and support proper digestion.

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HIP & JOINT CHEWABLE TABLETS – Formulated with beneficial herbs and flower essences, Hip & Joint’s triple action contains glucosamine and MSM to support healthy joints and ease joint stiffness.

CALM is formulated with herbs and exclusive flower essences for dogs experiencing anxiousness and stressful situations such as separation, travel and motion sickness.

SKIN & COAT – Skin and coat in issues in dogs are often triggered by underlying allergies. Vital Planet’s Skin & Coat has been uniquely formulated to provide support for dogs with seasonal allergies.

SENSITIVE STOMACH – Proper digestion is critical for dogs to be able to utilize the nutrients from their food to maintain tissues and to generate sufficient energy. Sensitive Stomach promotes optimum digestive health for your dog.

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LIVING MEAL – Living Meal is a living nutrient complex fortified with living probiotics, enzymes and superfoods and adds critical living nutrients to your pet’s food.

VITAL DOG DAILY MULTIVITAMIN – With a full spectrum of vitamins, balanced minerals and antioxidants, Vital Dog™ Daily Multivitamin supports overall health and helps keep your dog in peak condition.

ALASKAN OMEGA-3 is an ultra-purified fish oil formula that delivers 680mg of Omega-3 fatty acids in every softgel for maximum benefit. All Vital Planet fish oils are five-star rated by IFOS™, the only third-party testing and certification program for fish oils. IFOS™ sets the world’s highest standards for purity, potency and freshness ensuring you get the best possible human grade oils for your pets.

DAILY DETOX – Vital Planet’s Daily Detox supports normal kidney function and cleansing of the liver.

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SOFT CHEWS – Our Premium, High Potency Formulas in a Delicious Soft Chew

FLORA CAT™ is a high potency, raw probiotic with 20 billion live cultures from 10 unique strains in every serving. Powered by organic prebiotic.

VITAL CAT DAILY MULTIVITAMIN is a whole food vitamin, mineral and antioxidant complex that supports overall health and helps keep your cat in peak condition.Contains a complete source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

LIVING MEAL FOR CATS is a living nutrient complex fortified with living probiotics, enzymes and superfoods and adds critical living nutrients to your cat’s food.

DIGEST CAT POWDER – Get The Most From Your Cat’s Food! Assists in the Digestion and Absorption of Essential Nutrients – With Organic Pumpkin and Fennel Seed – Convenient Powder Mixes Easily With Food.

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