Alfalfa Hay Cubes – New Low Price!

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New Low Price – $12.75
Stampede Premium Alfalfa Cubes

Timothy Alfalfa Cubes
Alfalfa Mini Cubes
Timothy Alfalfa Mini Cubes
Alfalfa Cubes

Stampede offers the ultimate hay cube, peak harvested and naturally sun cured to provide maximum palatability, performance and nutrition. With guaranteed ingredient analysis, Stampede Cubes are consistent in quality across all seasons and are easy to store.

Advantages of Stampede Alfalfa Cubes

  • Consistent Nutrition in Every Bag
  • Palatable and convenient to feed
  • Supports Healthy Digestion Naturally
  • Sun Cured Naturally – no binders

Stampede Premium Alfalfa Cubes @ Sunset Feed Miami

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